Service Details

Mobile Personal Training, where the trainer comes directly to you!

I am currently based in Central London and so I do have a travel radius offering around 3-5 miles. 

I have my own fitness equipment in which I take to all my private client sessions, including:

• Dumbbells

• Kettlebells

• TRX Suspension Trainer

• Resistance Bands

• Massage Gun

• Foam Roller 

• Yoga Matt

The equipment type per session primarily depends on the nature of the location and fitness regime, however I do like to be prepared! 

Please note for Covid-19 Purposes: 

Full PPE can be worn throughout the PT sessions if you wish, it is entirely up to you. I will have my mask on hand, if preferred and I will always sanitise hands and all equipment before and after use. 


• Your Home
We could work out anywhere in your house. Whether it be your living room, studio, home gym or even just a big enough room with enough space to jump around/exercise. 

• Your Home Gym
We can use the gym in your house for our PT sessions. If you do have a home gym, your training plan will be based upon the equipment you hold personally.

• Your Garden
If you live in Central London and surrounding areas and have a green or concrete space out the front or back of your house, this area is a great space for working out and I promise that we will not ruin your lawn! 

• A Local Park
If you do not have a garden and would prefer to train outside rather than in your home, we can meet up in a local park to train. I believe it is a lovely feeling when training around nature. If you generally aren't one for the cold and rain, I'd recommend to wear appropriate clothing at the start to stay warm. Once you are up and moving however, you will be ready to go in no time! All equipment will be provided by myself for park sessions. 

• A PT Studio
If you do not have a home gym and would prefer to train in a gym setting instead of training outside or in your house, a PT Studio is always an option as well. The studio location will be decided on my request however, unless you have a preferred option. 

• Zoom Video Calls
During lockdown, these sessions were heavily used to touch base with clients who were still active with their fitness goals. Seeing as they had such great feedback, this option is also available. Equipment will be based however on what you have or don't have. We don't always need gym equipment to get results at the end of the day! 

Hours of Work:

• Monday to Friday: 7am - 8pm
• Saturday: 9am - 4pm
• Sunday: Closed 

Please note, all PT sessions are 60 minutes. If you prefer to train longer, prices will of course differentiate.

All my training and nutritional programmes are sustainable and tailored to you specifically. It is vital that all plans are unique to each individual client, as no body is the same person and  everyone's bodies are different. 

The Training Programmes are customised according to your fitness experience, health condition, muscle mobility, posture, equipment and your fitness goal.

The Nutritional Programmes (if requested) are calculated according to your body, gender, age, height, weight, lifestyle type, activity level and fitness goal.