Ed Risley PT

Are you looking to achieve a new fitness goal?

If yes, then look no further because today is the day to start your new fitness journey.

Ed Risley (myself) will assist and take your fitness and health to new levels with your training, lifestyle and nutritional requirements in focus.

This Personal Training service is mobile, so I come to you...You can't get any better than that!


My Aim

To change the lives of many, who want to make a change for the better.

I believe that fitness goals hold the most value health wise, both physically and psychologically. The journey towards your fitness goal will help with self growth and will develop you with complete positivity. 

I believe that you can achieve anything you desire, with the right mindset and following the necessary steps to get you to your end goal.

Time and patience are key! 


PT Services

Lifting Weights

1:1 Personal Training

Choose your fitness goal and preferred location and let's get going!

Stretching on Yoga Mat

Partners and Pairs

Fancy training with a loved one or a friend? 

Group Workout Session

Small Group Training (+3)

Do you want to get the family fit or would prefer to do a group training session? 

Yoga Class

Body Mechanics

Are you looking to work on your Posture, Flexibility and Mobility?

Included in 1:1 PT Sessions only

Physical Therapy Session

Muscle and Injury Rehabilitation

Are you suffering with any muscle weakness or reoccurring injuries? Let's get those fixed!

Included in 1:1 PT Sessions only

Quiet Desk

Online Coaching

Where Location Is Inevitable.
Instead of the face to face style of training, do you prefer to be sent training and nutritional plans? 
This style of training is more independent without the face to face appointment.

Food Photography Staging

Nutritional Programme

Are you looking to get in the best shape of your life? 
Why not add I a nutritional programme to maximise your potential 



Hear What Others Have to Say


I have worked with Ed for around 18 months, he has completely changed my life and I am the leanest and strongest that I have ever been. The results that I have received from Ed's training and nutritional programmes have given me a new boost in life.
I went from eating takeaways and unhealthy foods everyday, hating my body and generally being very lazy, to cooking my own meals and being really active everyday, each week!

When I first started with Ed I weighed 117kg and now I am weighing in at 94kg. Ed's training plans are brilliant and his nutrition plans are so in depth and overall they both just show how professional and knowledgeable he really is!

Dave Hughes

Leanest And Strongest I Have Ever Been!


I have worked with Ed for over a year and used his services originally for my wedding. 
He provided me with 1:1 training which was really active and motivating and both the training and nutritional programmes were sustainable and showed a large amount of knowledge.
I am over the moon with the results that I have received from Ed's service and would 100% recommend to anyone looking to make a change in both physique and lifestyle.

Katrina McGregor

Completely Changed My Shape!


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